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Muzaffarabad situation remains tense, two protestors were killed and many injured in firing

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Muzaffarabad situation remains tense, two protestors were killed and many injured in firing

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Muzaffarabad: In Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, two protesters were killed and many others, including a child, were injured in firing by the police and law enforcement agencies.

According to the details, after the subsidy on flour and electricity prices were reduced, there was a clash between protesters and law enforcement agencies in Muzaffarabad, in which two youths were killed as a result of direct firing by the officials, while fourteen protesters, including children, were injured. The condition of five is critical.

According to reports, the protesters torched three vehicles and staged a dharna along with the bodies on the main highway in Ambur after being fired upon by the police and law enforcement agencies. After the civilians were injured as a result of firing, the citizens were appealed to CMH Hospital to donate blood.

After the tension in Muzaffarabad, the internet service was once again completely shut down, while the mobile service has also been partially suspended. What?

Officials of the Awami Joint Action Committee reached the Ambor site and expressed solidarity with the protestors while announcing that the funeral prayers of the dead youth will be offered at 2 pm tomorrow.

According to the sources, the Core People’s Action Committee has called a meeting of the Core Committee after the new situation and tension, after which the next course of action will be announced.

Meanwhile, after the tension in Muzaffarabad, anti-government protests have started once again in various areas including Kotli, Khoi Ratta.

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Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider Khan, while giving a statement on the current situation in Muzaffarabad, said that the events happening today are no less than a tragedy, the loss of precious human lives is sad, the situation requires immediate measures and the government should change its strategy.

He appealed that the law enforcement agencies should show restraint, the officials of the action committee should also play their role in controlling the situation. On the other hand, Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir President and former Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi expressed regret over the martyrdom of youth in Muzaffarabad and demanded an immediate and transparent investigation into the incident.

Abdul Qayyum Niazi raised the question that why the Rangers were called by Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar Haq despite the repeated prohibition of PTI Azad Kashmir. The government of Azad Kashmir was prevented from using force against the protesters but still used force. Who is responsible? Why the clash after the declaration of acceptance of the demands of the Public Action Committee? It should also be investigated transparently.

Demonstrations were also held in Rawalpindi and Murree to show solidarity with Kashmiris. In which a large number of citizens participated and demanded a transparent investigation into the massacre.

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