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Pakistan and the United States are determined to jointly deal with TTP and Daesh in Khorasan

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Pakistan and the United States are determined to jointly deal with TTP and Daesh in Khorasan

Islamabad: The US and Pakistan have agreed to advance security in the region by partnering to counter the outlawed TTP, ISIS-Khorasan group and other terrorist organizations.

According to the details, a joint declaration of Pakistan and the United States was issued on the Anti-Terrorism Dialogue. According to the spokesperson of the Foreign Office, the anti-terrorism dialogue between the two countries was held on May 10 in Washington, USA.

Syed Haider Shah, Additional Secretary of State for the United Nations and OIC, represented Pakistan, while US Department of State’s Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, Elizabeth Richard, represented the United States.

The joint dialogue discussed key challenges facing regional and global security, with both sides emphasizing Pakistan-US cooperation in countering Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and ISIS-Khorasan. While the counter-terrorism scenario in the region was also discussed.

Senior officials from Pakistan and the United States emphasized the importance of counter-terrorism cooperation and capacity building. The dialogue discussed technical expertise, border security infrastructure and provision of training. In the dialogue, more than 300 police and issues related to US training on the front line were also discussed.

The purpose of the Counter-Terrorism Dialogue is to strengthen the United Nations and multilateral forums on global counter-terrorism. The partnership to counter ISIS Khorasan, TTP and other terrorist organizations is to advance security in the region.

Both countries have pledged to continue cooperation through government approaches to countering and countering violent extremism. Counter Terrorism Dialogue Pakistan and the US expressed their joint commitment to contribute to both regional and global security and stability.

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