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Relatives involved in child abduction arrested

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Relatives involved in child abduction arrested

Karachi: Acting on a tip-off, the Anti-Kidnapping for Ransom Cell (AVCC) arrested 5 suspects who kidnapped school children Ibrahim and Abdullah.

According to the details, SSP Zafar Chhanga says that school children Ibrahim and Abdullah were kidnapped while going to school, the mastermind of the group is Daru Jahat, a close relative of the kidnapped children, who has kidnapped the children out of greed.

According to the police, among the arrested kidnappers, Hamad, Osama, Hamdan alias Parti, Sultan alias Sonu are also among the kidnappers. SSP Zafar Chhanga said that Wajahat thought his uncle had a lot of money, got lured and planned the kidnapping with his peers.

According to the police, the house where the children were abducted and kept belonged to Osama. Five days ago, there was an incident of kidnapping for ransom in Sumanabad. In a film style, 2 young students were abducted from a school van, Abdullah and Ibrahim were kidnapped. I was seated and taken to a house.

According to the police, four of Wajahat’s friends were also present in the car. After a few hours, the children were left at Nagan Chowrangi.

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