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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Seed Mafia A Formidable Threat To Agriculture: Malik

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Seed Mafia A Formidable Threat To Agriculture: Malik

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 31st Mar, 2024) The seed mafia selling substandard wheat and cotton seeds has emerged as a formidable

Threat to the agricultural sector particularly in areas reliant on these staple crops.

Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA) Chairman Shahzad Ali Malik stated

this while talking to a farmers’ delegation led by Muhammad Hussain Dohla here Sunday.

Malik added, “These nefarious actors exploit the vulnerability of farmers by peddling inferior.”

quality seeds masquerading as genuine agricultural inputs. With deceptive tactics, they

undermine the integrity of the agricultural supply chain, wreaking havoc on crop yields

and causing substantial financial losses estimated in billions of rupees.”

He was of the view that in order to combat this menace and revitalize the agricultural sector,

Concerted efforts are imperative to stamp out the seed mafia and promote the adoption

of high-quality, certified seeds for all crops.

Strengthening regulatory frameworks, enhancing seed certification processes, and enforcing

Stringent penalties for fraudulent practices are crucial steps in safeguarding farmers’ interests

and bolstering agricultural production, he suggested.

By prioritizing the use of certified and approved seeds, he said, the policymakers and stakeholders

could empower farmers with the tools necessary to increase productivity, enhance resilience

to environmental challenges, and foster sustainable agricultural growth.

Shahzad Ali Malik said the detrimental impact of the seed mafia extends beyond economic losses.

as it undermines food security and agricultural sustainability. Poor-quality seeds not only compromise

crop yields but also jeopardize the genetic diversity and resilience of agricultural ecosystems.

Inadequate yields perpetuate food insecurity, exacerbating poverty and hindering rural development


Concurrently, cotton ginners capitalize on the demand for cotton seed by selling substandard varieties,

often mislabeling low-grade Benola as premium seed. This dual assault on the agricultural sector

Exacerbates the challenges faced by farmers, leading to diminished yields per acre and perpetuating

the cycle of poverty among rural communities, he concluded.

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