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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The living nation has seen it now

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The living nation has seen it now

There is an intense sense of guilt that repeatedly gnaws and pricks the conscience and rebukes the criminal indifference and negligence that our Muslim brothers and sisters and innocent children in Gaza suffered the worst atrocity in history at the hands of savage wolves. have been targeted and we are engrossed in our jobs under the cloak of indifference. In the last half century, the words of a living nation were heard a lot, but in Gaza, a living nation has been seen for the first time.

Having read the words of iron determination thousands of times, seeing the Palestinian Muslims standing on the ruins of their destroyed houses and the bodies of their young sons in Gaza chanting Allahu Akbar, I understood the meaning of iron determination. The world is wondering how these people are? Are these flesh made of poppy, if these flesh are human beings, then why is there no fear of fire and gunpowder in them? Where did their mothers have the courage like the mountains? How did their youth and children develop so much courage? Here, on the death of a son, mothers lose their mental balance and mourn for many years.

Two or two are carrying the dead bodies of children like flowers and only the praise and greatness of the Creator and Lord is on the tongue. Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar The only words that come out of their mouths are “we are not afraid of anyone, Allah is with us”. Hundreds of non-Muslim European women are becoming Muslims after seeing such strong faith and iron determination of Palestinian mothers in their Creator. Their leaders are also different from others. Leaders of other Muslim countries only give speeches but always keep their children and loved ones in safe shelters. Palestinians live.

His family braved the rain of fire and gunpowder as others did, and eventually Israel targeted his family in particular, killing Ismail Haniyeh’s three young sons and three grandsons. Grandsons are loved even more than sons, the accident was like someone took out the heart and liver from Ismail’s body and cut them into pieces. It is difficult for a person to survive or remain sane after such accidents, but the Ismails of Palestine know how to perform the Sunnah of the sacrifice of their ancestor, Hazrat Ismail (AS).

Israel thought that if his family was killed, Ismail’s nerves would respond, but when the mountain of shocks fell on Ismail Hania, he said with full courage, “My son is not more valuable than other Palestinian sons.” Yes, God willing, I will meet with myself and other Palestinian sons in heaven. Of course it will. You, your whole family and all the martyrs of Palestine will be met in heaven. You are the rightful rightful one for heaven, you have proved with your courage, iron determination and sacrifices that the promises of heaven are made for great Muslims like you, we are sure that the Prophet ﷺ will welcome you there and The angels themselves will shower the flowers of heaven on the Palestinian martyrs.

It is the nature of man that he calls for help in times of danger, the people of Gaza also kept calling for help first, are you ignorant of the orders of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, is it not your duty to help the oppressed Muslims of Gaza? . But the Muslim rulers pushed the cotton of their interests into their ears. Frustrated with the speechless brothers, they called the human rights contractors. He also thought that the human rights traders were happy that they are friends and guardians of Israel but they are human beings.

Seeing this greatest tragedy in human history, their hearts will melt and they will rein in oppressor Israel and send food and medicine to the Palestinian victims. But the Chaudhrys of the world have proved that they are not even ready to give Muslims the right to live by failing the resolution to stop the bombardment of children dying of hunger and thirst and mothers robbed of their wounds. When the oppressed Palestinians saw that the hearts of those sitting in the big halls were contaminated with anti-Muslim and racist prejudices, their eyes were opened.

He saw the most bitter truth and thereafter he stopped looking to anyone else for help and turned only to his Creator and Lord, and began to ask Him for help. The cry of the oppressed reaches the divine court by tearing the heavens, how can it be that the sigh of the greatest oppressors of the world is not heard in the heavens. He hears their cry. The oppressed are helped, but the help has its own system and its own method.

It seems that nature has arranged to provide help to the Muslims once again from the houses and Sanam Khans of the West. When cruelty increases, it is erased. The holy blood of innocent Palestinians is being shed. First of all, it has happened that the fortress of love and devotion to Israel, which was built with great effort and skill in America, has been demolished.

In every house of America and Europe, the non-Muslim members have condemned Israel as strongly as no Muslim could. In every major city of America and Europe, millions of people have taken to the streets against Israeli atrocities and they are pledging the freedom of Palestine. The blood of the oppressed Palestinians has come to the eyes of American and European students. The movement that started at Columbia University has spread all over America. Young male and female students pitched tents inside the campus in support of the oppressed Palestinians, for the first time the police were called inside the universities who tried to forcibly remove the camp, but the students put it up again.

University students and women professors have been subjected to the worst violence, but the intensity of the movement is increasing rather than decreasing. This movement of students has reached the classrooms of Europe from the United States and there too the walls are shaking with the slogans of the youth in favor of the freedom of the Palestinians against Israel. The martyrs of Gaza have written with their blood that Palestine is now No force can stop the freedom of

It is sad to say that our attitude has been extremely shameful, the indifference of both the Pakistani government and the nation towards the oppressed brothers of Gaza is extremely worrying. Global Chaudhrys who want to impose their system of life on the world are getting the desired results from Pakistan which will definitely make them satisfied and happy. He was working with a big plan for many years to extinguish the spark of love for his religion and country buried in the hearts of the new generation of Pakistan. The mention and thought of was taken out of the book and curriculum. Then he took control of the media in the name of starting a private channel, from where he ran substandard dramas and attacked morality and the family system.

The internet is flooded with obscene, immoral and Indian content. Mixed dances were started in the educational institutions and gradually made the youth addicted to sports spectacles and dancing. On important national days, while interviews of excellent teachers, competent doctors, honest engineers and conscientious civil servants are shown on TV across the world, only dancers or actresses are being presented as role models on our channels.

The result was that when millions of people around the world were protesting against Israeli atrocities on Gaza, Pakistanis were sitting in front of the TV and enjoying the cricket match. In a couple of places, even if a few hundred people tried to demonstrate, the police lashed them with sticks and stopped the protest through violence. This shameful behavior of the police cannot be condemned. This is a great tragedy, but the biggest tragedy is that there is no understanding of this national tragedy at any level and the desire, sincerity and good intentions for reforming the situation are nowhere to be seen.

The living nation has seen it now

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