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The terrorist organization al-Qaeda started to gain a foothold again in Afghanistan

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The terrorist organization al-Qaeda started to gain a foothold again in Afghanistan

After the Afghan Taliban came to power, TTP and Al-Qaeda, along with other terrorist organizations, got safe havens, which facilitated terrorist operations against them.

According to the details, Afghanistan has always been a hotbed of terrorist organizations, but after the Afghan Taliban government came, terrorist organizations got more facilities here, which gave them an opportunity to flourish.

Afghanistan has always used its territory to spread terrorism, due to the fact that Afghanistan is a hotbed of terrorism, neighboring countries are also victims of terrorism.

Al Jazeera’s report stated that Afghanistan has always used its territory for terrorist attacks in neighboring countries, the territory of Afghanistan has been occupied by Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

The report said that after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 21, 2021, the hold of these organizations has become more solid. Along with other terrorist organizations, TTP and Al-Qaeda got safe havens, which made it easier to carry out terrorist activities against them.

The Al Jazeera report said that al-Qaeda facilitates terrorist organizations around the world through smuggling and drug trade with the facilitation of the Taliban, while al-Qaeda funds its organization by earning millions of dollars from gold mines in northern Badakhshan and other provinces in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban’s monthly income of $25 million from gold mines does not appear in their official budget.

After taking power in August 2021, the Taliban reportedly merged with a number of terrorist groups listed by the United Nations Security Council and the US Congress, along with dozens of banned terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda. have consistently reported the synergistic relationships of

Al Jazeera said the Taliban was providing al-Qaeda commanders and operatives with all the necessary weapons, passports, and access to a vast smuggling network, facilitating routes for terrorists, weapons, cash, gold and The use of other contraband has increased in Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan is proof that the Taliban government is involved in promoting terrorism.


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