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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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What “was” is not what “is” will not be

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What “was” is not what “is” will not be

We are not saying this, but Hakeem Ummat Allama Iqbal has said that

What “was” is not what “is” will not be

This is a criminal letter

That is, how many there were and how they “were” that are no longer, as well as those that “are” so big that they will not be. There was Alexander, Genghis, Halaku, Timur and Mughal. There was Ayub Khan, there was Bhutto, there was Zia-ul-Haq, there was Pervez Musharraf, who used to be the greatest in his time, and how many big “haves” there are today and who have “haves” everywhere.

It is only yesterday that “Babaji Demowali Sarkar” was imposed on this country like harkabos. But where are they now? We have told you many times that their “being” or “Being” so much is actually a natural process of punishing “self” for one’s actions. They put themselves on the “bill” of ants by punishing themselves with their pleasure, but also with effort, their rest, even their stay and food, and what happens is the same thing that has been happening to the previous ones.

The target of thousands of abuses in life and “bad prayers” after death. A very old story may have been told somewhere before, the story of the richest man who had bequeathed to his sons that when I die, I should wear this torn old sock and bury it. But when the time came for burial. And the sons wanted to dress him in a torn old sock, so the scholars forbade that nothing else can be worn on the dead except for the shroud. When the dispute escalated, an old man who was a close friend of the deceased came forward. He said, the deceased had told me this secret, his purpose was not for the sock, but he wanted to tell his sons that he had spent all this wealth, legitimately and illegitimately, every Earned in a way.

He can’t even take a torn old sock out of it. What a man does and how much perfection he collects. But he can’t take anything with him except actions. All the wealth and property are divided among the relatives, sold, and then very soon the deceased is forgotten.

If anything remains, it is his name. If the name is earned “bad” then “bad” and if earned well then good. No one says that the deceased made so much wealth and property, not even the relatives of Mohum. If anything is remembered, it is his good or bad name. Whatever he does in the world, that mark is forever attached to his name. That is why someone has said that

If the name is approved, it becomes the means of Faiz

A bridge was built, a mosque was built, and a temple was built

Now, this is a man who has made a Pakistan and the people suffer from countless torments and is a prisoner of dreams. If cancer had been confined to the hospital, he would have been immortalized forever. He accepted the option of taking “world” instead of “reward” in the hereafter, thus he himself is also suffering and darkened the world of his disciples. does not stay Contentment is the name of being filled “within”. If a person becomes empty from the inside, even if the whole world is found from the outside, the hunger will not end, the envy will increase and the greed will also be separated from it.

A sea made a sound

give me water

It is said that someone saw Queen Zubaydah (King Haroon al-Rashid’s wife) in a dream that she was in heaven. The dreamer said, You had to get paradise, such a big “canal” that you built. I was told that you have received the reward of this in the form of “fame” in the world. I got this paradise because I once saw an injured, sick and hungry cat and it Picked it up and took it home. He was treated, fed.

The cancer hospital could have made this person a leader in both religion and the world, but he had a bad taste in governance. This is not the only example and there are many more. Those who do charity work but to sell. Although everyone knows how many such things “used to be” but are no longer. What is a big “is” today, will not be tomorrow. However, the deeds will be remembered, they will be part of his name, the name he earned.

What “was” is not what “is” will not be

What “was” is not what “is” will not be

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