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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Why is a woman a criminal? – Express Urdu

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Why is a woman a criminal? – Express Urdu

Women are victims of oppression in every part of the world. (Photo: File)

A woman is a mother, sister, daughter, wife, reliable in every relationship, but for those who are valueless people, maybe these relationships are nothing but empty claims and determinations.

Violence against women, especially violence against intimate women, is a huge problem and a violation of women’s human rights. Women in Pakistan are facing violence mainly through marriage, workplace, sexual harassment, domestic violence and honor killings.

In 2024, around 12,000 cases of violence against women have been registered in Punjab alone and the cases that have not been registered are separate. Domestic violence is not only physical; undermining a woman’s self-respect is also part of violence.

Harassment and violence against women is not a new thing, in every age and every society women are harmed, even though they are not guilty, they are made guilty. In any region of Pakistan, a woman feels unsafe. Tired of mental stress and family torture, girls are also forced to do some wrong things.

A few days ago, there was a family living in our area. Very veiled, not leaving the house, obliged to keep the woman under seven veils, but the girl expressed a desire to marry at will and this desire gave her the taint of iniquity. Hadiths also mention about knowing the will of a boy or a girl, so why this stereotypical thinking? Well, the girl was tortured. With all this process, the girl rebelled and ran away from home and took the help of the court. The marriage took place in the court, but will he be able to provide protection to both of them? This is also a question mark, because often in such cases the court has failed to provide protection, leaving hundreds of couples to die on the steps of the court.

Honor killings have been taking place in Pakistan for years, but many times such killings are not seen as a crime. There is a law to prevent all this, but women remain oppressed in every era. ‘Dowry deaths’ have been described as a form of domestic violence in Pakistan. If the in-laws consider the bride’s dowry insufficient, life is made difficult for them and many women have been killed.

In every age, in every situation, home or office, why is it always a woman who bears all this? Why is the woman convicted? If a bully standing at the bus stop is harassing you, instead of teaching him a lesson, you are told to get your conveyance. It is advised without being asked that one exits out of compulsion. When girls go to a park, nothing is said to those who harass them, the girls are told what did you come here to do?

What kind of dress is she wearing, why is she going out of the house, why is she not wearing a burqa, why is she not taking a chador etc. If there is a wife, then why is the food not cooked, why is the needle done, the clothes not ironed, beatings for small things, is a woman created only so that everyone tries to operate her like a key toy and when the heart If it is full, break it.

A number of reasons have been given for acid attacks in Pakistan, such as a woman dressing inappropriately or rejecting a marriage proposal. The first known example of an acid attack was in 1967 in East Pakistan. There are up to 150 attacks per year. These attacks often result in increased domestic violence, and the majority of victims are women.

Poverty is usually associated with ignorance and domestic violence. Lack of education for financial reasons only creates lack of awareness about women’s rights. Additionally, because mental health illiteracy is particularly prevalent in low-income areas, many women may not receive adequate treatment following domestic violence.

In some cases, women themselves perpetuate patriarchy and domestic abuse, especially in relation to mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law. Many women are expected to be housekeepers and perform key household duties, however, if a woman is not performing her duties up to her mother-in-law’s standards, the mother-in-law may punish the woman through her son. tries to And this mother-in-law always forgets that she herself is a woman and she too has reached here through the same place.

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