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You generate your own electricity if you are alive

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You generate your own electricity if you are alive

The prices of solar panels and wind turbines that generate wind power have fallen by about 50 percent in the past two years. The good news is that for the first time in the world, the total electricity generation from wind, solar, water and nuclear is growing at a rate of three and a half percent per year compared to the generation of electricity from oil, gas and coal.

According to the latest report of “Ember”, the leading British think tank on energy research, thirty percent of the world’s electricity is currently being generated from carbon-free sources. At what speed is its production increasing? That last year five hundred and thirteen terawatts of electricity was generated from environmentally friendly resources. This year, twelve hundred and twenty one terabytes of electricity will be produced from these sources. It is as if the increase is more than doubled in one year.

So, does this mean that coal, gas and diesel powered power plants will be sacked in the next decade? Will the common man not need a government or a private institution for electricity in the coming years? Is Iqbali’s verse of “You create your own world if it is among the living” with “You create your own electricity if it is among the living”? Neither of these questions can be answered in the negative. There are only two answers. It’s definitely going to happen or maybe it’s going to happen.

When the Fukushima nuclear plant had to be shut down due to the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, the public pressure to shut down nuclear power plants in Germany, the most powerful country in Europe, increased so much that the government shut down nuclear power plants. Planned to fill the deficit of nuclear power with Russian gas-fired power plants. But instead of gas and oil, the biogas, solar energy and wind power sectors started to fill this gap rapidly. And this was done by Clip Chain. Affected by

China is also a strange country. On the one hand, its share in global industrial pollution is about twenty-nine percent. That is, China’s share in global temperature increase is about thirty percent. On the other hand, this same China has gone far ahead of other countries in the race to meet the global energy needs with alternative environment-friendly natural resources of oil, gas and coal.

Currently, half of the solar panels in use in the world are installed in China and sixty percent of the wind turbines in operation are generating electricity from the wind in China. Eighty-five percent of the global production of solar panels is from China. It is coming. China has become the leader of the world in terms of shifting transportation and heating to solar and wind energy.

Compared to western green technology, Chinese technology is also cheaper because the government is giving heavy subsidies to green equipment manufacturing companies to keep costs down. The goal is the same to completely defeat foreign companies in this field. The key to China’s energy needs is in the hands of China. Perhaps China has learned from the oil politics of Western countries that the world belongs to the one who holds the key to energy.

Currently, to meet the energy needs, not only the developing world, but often the developed world also spends a huge budget on buying oil, gas and coal. can be turned towards For example, take the case of Greece, a country included in the European Union, which reached the brink of economic bankruptcy in 2010 and the European Union had to inject huge debts to save it.

But the Greeks did not consider this debt as income, but rather a serious reform effort to improve their economy. In the respite obtained, the priorities in the energy sector were also reorganized. So today, Greece’s electricity is getting fifty-seven percent from solar energy and other environmentally friendly sources instead of oil and gas. In the next six years, only twenty percent of the country’s electricity will be generated from oil and gas.

The European Union has established a fund of two hundred and ninety billion dollars to encourage projects that promote green energy instead of investing more in traditional sources of energy. While the United States has seven hundred and eighty-three billion dollars for this purpose. have been allocated. In the next ten years, half of the energy needs of half of the world’s countries will be met by sun, wind and water, then the energy veto of OPEC will be transferred to the power chain.

Achieving self-sufficiency in energy through wind, water, sun, volcanic mountains and geothermal energy (geothermal energy) is no longer a dream. Eighty-seven percent of Iceland’s energy needs come from hydropower, wind turbines. And is being fulfilled by geothermal.

Norway is not only the largest European country in the distillation of energy from solar energy, wind and water, but also meets a better percentage of its needs with these sources. Sweden fifty-one percent of energy needs, Brazil forty-seven percent, New Zealand forty-one percent, Denmark Forty percent, Austria thirty-eight percent, Switzerland thirty-seven percent and Finland thirty-five percent have become independent from the chain of oil, gas and coal in meeting their energy needs.

Sixty percent of Pakistan’s energy needs are being met by conventional fuels such as oil, gas and coal and forty percent by water, wind, sunlight and nuclear energy. On an average, the sun shines fully in Pakistan for ten months of the year. Sindh and Balochistan have several natural navigation corridors that can provide electricity throughout the year.

There seems to be no obstacle to getting rid of the country’s expensive and polluting conventional energy fields, except how to get rid of the private companies producing power from conventional fields that have saddled the country with $2.5 trillion in revolving debt. It has put a yoke and has become the East India Company for the economy of Pakistan.

If this obstacle is removed, then Pakistan can become self-sufficient within a year and by breathing life into the stagnant wheels of industries paralyzed due to expensive electricity, the dream of not only increasing exports can be fulfilled, but only on expensive oil, coal and gas. The exchange rate can be spent in any sector. But it has been heard that the oil and gas lobby is as powerful as the US State Department.

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You generate your own electricity if you are alive

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