Chief Minister KP’s announcement to investigate the actions of caretaker government

Chief Minister KP’s announcement to investigate the actions of caretaker government
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Chief Minister KP’s announcement to investigate the actions of caretaker government

Karachi: Chief Minister KP Ali Amin Gandapur has said that there will be a regular inquiry into the steps taken by the caretaker government, the efforts of the PDM extended the caretaker government, recruitment of the caretaker government, financial measures and passing the budget. Committees will be formed.

According to Express News, the session of KP Assembly started, Chief Minister Ali Amin reached Gandapur Assembly where the government members welcomed him by ringing the desk.

The Chief Minister said in his address that there will be a regular investigation of the steps taken by the caretaker government. Political parties played a role of facilitating the violation of the constitution. , will form committees on matters of financial measures and budget passage.

He said that I am surprised that the political parties were silent on the elections, the opposition has blamed themselves in the budget debate, what has been our performance in 9 years? Look at our majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, our mandate has been stolen, the constituencies will definitely open, we are ready to open our constituencies.

Ali Amin said that the federal government gave us less than 300 billion rupees. There are IMF conditions under which I will complete 96 billion rupees by June 30. Tell me, will Sindh and Punjab fulfill their responsibility?

He said that the people of the tribal areas have sacrificed, the tribal people have sacrificed their lives and property, the federal government is still not giving rights to the tribal people, we are giving sacrifices for Pakistan and we will continue to do so.

He said that we need fifty billion rupees in two months, I speak for my right, then they say it is irresponsible, my message is that we are not going to be silent, who has been hit and who has been hit out. It has been taken out, it is all in front, it is not requested again and again, it is a command to raise voice for the right.

He said that a new drama has started in the name of taxes, not even a single rupee has been found in one percent terrorism which is 16 billion rupees, people are being fooled, 1510 billion rupees have to be given from the net profit of electricity and Load shedding conditions are in front of you.

He said that I will not tolerate the words of thieves for my people, the thieves are from the Dubai League who are in front of everyone, whoever sits inside this province will give relief to the people of the province, I will go to Pesco office again. I will also cut FRI, I will not tolerate lies and deception, 15 days time then I will turn on and off the button, cut 120 billion rupees from me, I want my right, my electricity.

Chief Minister KP said that no one’s father can tax without me in Malakand and tribals, give money to my people and let it go into your pockets and don’t give us our own rights. Not right, my income taxed should be different between filer and non-filer.

He said that even a single unit can’t steal anything unless the WAPDA people want it. You have no idea who you are dealing with. People are my team, I will not tolerate corruption.

He further said that they are making improvements in the health and justice card.

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